Web hosting with VPS solution - perfect for medium-sized businesses!
A VPS solution is a mix between shared and dedicated server. Your site is hosted on a virtual server that actually serves as its own server, but the physical server also contains other virtual servers, which are completely separate from yours. This option is ideal for medium-sized businesses that have more traffic and usually more and heavier web applications.

Web hosting with dedicated server - the best solution for big business!
Choosing a web solution with a dedicated server gives you complete control over the server and the site. You choose which physical server you want and which operating system you want to run on it (Linux, Windows, Mac OS Server, etc.). You get complete administrative control and choose all software yourself. In cooperation with the hosting company, you will find a custom plan for maintenance and service. This solution has several advantages, including higher security, but also requires a significantly bigger wallet and a dedicated webmaster.

Monday, February 19, 2018

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